Mobile Hydraulic Repair: Leaking Hose Got You Down?

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Mobile Hydraulic Repair & Service
In-Field Hydraulic Repair & Service

Larger Hydraulic Services is a provider of plant reliability solutions & mobile hydraulic repair to central Ohio. Our mobile Parker Hose Doctor service includes:

  • 24/7/365 Emergency Service
  • On-site Hydraulic & Pneumatic System Plumbing
  • Up to 2″ High Pressure Hose & Steel Tube Assemblies
  • Oil Analysis & Conditioning Services
  • CJC Offline Fine Filtration Systems – 3 Micron Absolute
  • Water, Varnish, and Acid Removal Elements
  • Quench Oil Filtration

With over 80% of equipment failures caused by faulty oil & lubrication systems, it is Larger Hydraulic Services goal to provide efficient, economical, and eco-friendly solutions to keep your operations running.

We have made C.C. Jensen’s offline CJC Fine Filtration systems available to all those in Ohio looking for a cost effective solution for oil & lubrication issues. These are used in all industries from Manufacturing, Power Gen, Heat Treating, Plastic Injection Molding & Mining. They are 3 micron absolute, 8 lbs dirt & 1/2 gallon water holding capacity for a standard 27/27 insert, and fast ROI investments that are proven… why else would they be on over 50% of the wind turbines on earth?

Our fast and professional service ensures that costly downtime caused by emergency repairs or unplanned maintenance is kept to a minimum.

For more information on services provided, click HERE.

Larger Hydraulic Services – Parker Hose Doctor

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