Cleaner Parts & No More Tank Cleanings

Cleaner Parts = More Production

What happens to your quench oil over time?

Due to when quench oil is used, its properties of heat resistance, hardening ability, and finishing quality begin to degrade. Oil in quenching plants – open baths and closed baths – is exposed to very high contamination rates. Carbon deposits, dust, metal particles and rust are invariably introduced into quench oil when parts are hardened. Water ingress is introduced through condensation or cooler leakage. For the best heat treatment results, you need quench oil filtration.

Burning Oil & Hardening Parts

Issues caused by water contamination and oil degradation products


  • Quench Oil Filtration
    Surface Deposits

    Inconsistent cooling curve

  • Sludge Accumulation
  • Part Staining
  • Surface Deposits
  • Needs for secondary processing
  • Potential for catastrophic rapid release of energy (steam explosion)
  • Frequent tank cleanings and expensive disposal fees


CJC™ Quench Oil Filter Solutions

3 micron absolute filtration
350lbs of Dirt!

Depth Oil Filtration is a highly effective way to remove particle contamination, including water contamination. Particulate contamination does not mean that your quench oil must be disposed of and replaced. Our quench oil filter systems have one of the largest dirt holding capacities on the market, however; this does not mean you have to break your back to do a filter change.

Depth Filtration
Quench Oil Filtration

Our CJC filter systems are modular in design & non system critical. What does this mean?When it is time for an oil change all you need to do is turn the system off and close two ball valves. This allows the user to keep operating with no down time while the filters are removed 20lbs at time.

Benefits of installing CJC™ Quench Oil Filters

  1. Keeps your quench works fit for operation
  2. Ensures cleaner processed parts
  3. Keeps the quench oil from oxidation residues & particles
  4. Reduced down time due to maintenance & cleaning
  5. Increased oil life
  6. Water contamination is absorbed in the filter media

When you install CJC™ Oil Filter solutions on your quench line, you get a very effective oil filter with the highest dirt holding capacity suitable for your system. This way you do not need to stop production untimely to service the oil filter. Technically, CJC™ Oil Filter is known for keeping oil clean, dry and without oxidation residues, however; for years we have helped heat treating facilities cut costs by installing our quench oil filter systems. When you choose CJC™ Oil Filter, you reduce maintenance costs and avoid unplanned breakdowns, and you optimize product quality. Quench oil lifetime can be extended with a factor 3-4 and cooling curve will be stable.

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