No Need for Complex Vacuum Dehydrators or Inefficient Centrifuges 

Larger Hydraulic Services offers multiple solutions for water removal from oil, lubricants and diesel fuel. Whether it was a small ingress of water due to humidity or a constant saturation from the wet end of a paper mill, we have a solution for you. Our CJC Desorber, PTU, and HDU units are easy to use, require minimal monitoring, and provide absolute 3 micron filter options as well.

Why Remove Water from Oil

Water is the second most destructive contaminant and will destroy your oil & lubricated systems. Further leading to a change in viscosity, reduced lubricity, formation of rust and bacterial growth and increased degradation of the oil. All factors that lead to reduced lifetime of both system components and the oil.

  • Water is the leading cause of hydraulic pump cavitation (vaporous cavitation ).
  • Water passing between loading frictional surfaces can explode, causing metal fracture.
  • Depending on the oil type and temperature, a bearing can lose 75 percent of its life due to water contamination before the oil becomes cloudy.
  • Water further promotes acid formation, viscosity changes, varnish and sludge.

    Water Contamination Visibility

Desorber Combination Unit

The CJC™ Desorber/Filter Combi Unit is one unit solving problems with both water and particles. This is plug-and-play easy to install, one inlet & one outlet, small footprint unit requires less than 30 minutes to get running. No need for complicated vacuum dehydrators when CC Jensen has made it this easy for the desorber to:

  • Remove large amounts of water – even from emulsified lubricants, preventing formation of acid and microbial growth.
  • Removal of particles
  • Reduce corrosion and wear/tear of rubber made seals
  • Extended lifetime of both oil and components
  • Prevents uncontrolled shut downs and reduces maintenance costs
  • Compact in size
  • Environmental friendly solution

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PTU – Filter Separators

CJC™ Filter Separators are offline oil filtration /  separators and combine fine filtration along with water separation all in one unit, including an integrated circulating pump. They are designed for use in applications containing hydraulic oil, diesel fuel, lubrication oil, etc., in which water ingress is a constant or recurrent problem.

CJC™ Filter Separators remove water by coalescence and at the same time minimize oil contamination levels of particles and oil degradation products (oxidation resin/sludge, varnish). The CJC™ depth filters are 3 micron absolute and have a very large dirt-holding capacity. 

Further combined with efficient and continuous water removal,  you will be provided with numerous benefits. This reduces maintenance, increases productivity, and maximizes lifetime of system components including in-line filters and oil.

The modular Filter Separators are built and sized to specific customer requirements. Whether the oil volume is 1 gallon or 100,000 gallons, we have a solution for your water removal needs.

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HDU – Minimal Water Ingress

CJC™ HDU Fine Filters are ideal for controlling trace water contamination. However it is fantastic at removing large amounts of particulate and degradation products (oxidation resin/sludge, varnish).

Our CJC™ type B 27/27 Insert will remove roughly 1/2 gallon of water & 8 pounds of dirt and oxidation per insert.

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