Lube Room & Lubricant Management

Larger Hydraulic Services lubrication management line, OilSafe®, is the only reliable choice for smart, safe storage and transfer of oils and lubricants. OilSafe’s lubrication management products establish best practices throughout your workflow. Every step is color-coded to eliminate risk and human error – simplifying maintenance extending the life of the machines that make your product. And keep your business running.

The Oil Safe Work Center Bulk Storage System is like an instant lube room. The color coded central dispensing station makes filling with the right
lubricant a snap. There is a storage cabinet below the dispensing station or if you upgrade to hose reels they are conveniently stored inside.
Features color coding, pressurized dispensing taps, built in spill containment, and a separate pump/filter for each tank providing 3 way filtration
(filters while filling, recirculate (kidney loop), and dispensing). Comes standard with a 7 micron Beta 2000 filter, other ratings available. Ships
assembled and virtually ready to use.

Features Include:

Larger Hydraulic Services Fluid Management
  • Dedicated Pump and Filter Per Tank – to prevent cross contamination of lubricants and ensure maximum cleanliness
  • Spill Containment – built in spill containment for work place
    safety and SPCC compliance
  • Electrical Protection – Circuit breakers, surge protectors, and
    motor overload protection
  • Three way filtration – fill, dispense, and recirculate.
  • Includes MSHA CFR30 rated hosing and include auto-shut off
    tank isolation valves
  • 12 Gauge Steel Tanks available in 10 colors and 4 sizes; 30,
    65, 120, and 240 gallon
  • OSHA Right to know with color coded and labeled tanks and taps
    to ensure accurate fluid identification and handling
  • Ergonomic Dispensing Station – Dedicated dispensing station
    with work surfaces and storage
  • Delivered Pre-Assembled

Click Here for Modular Design Options: Fluid Management Work Stations

Waste Oil Management

Waste Oil Management

OilSafe’s contamination control measures do not end with new industrial fluids; this product line takes best practices with contamination and safety measures to another level by offering the ability to recycle/dispose of used oils through Waste Oil Skids.  These skids have a capacity of 120 or 240 gallon sizes and allow for full containment in a single location.

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