The best value and reliability in filtration, performance-per-dollar, is a dedicated offline filter on each asset, however; we realize that is not always possible nor practical. Our mission is to help you find a solution that suits your needs, whether that means a stationary system or on wheels, to rent or to buy. You need purified lubricants to keep your equipment moving and we will provide you with the best solution possible.


Filter Cart Rentals

We provide economical filter cart rentals so companies can achieve better than new oil cleanliness. Portable filter carts are versatile, reliable, and most importantly portable! They can be used to filter nearly any type of lubricant including insulating oils, lubricating oils, coolants, and gear oils.

Long Term Rentals

Maintenance professionals see the importance of treating oil as an asset yet fiscal and purchasing only see oil maintenance as a cost. Eliminate the need for capital expenditure requests by implementing our long term rental program. Achieve clean & dry oil 24/7 while making the financing team happy. Long term rentals provide consistently clean & dry oil, longer oil life, longer component life, savings over frequency based oil changes, and consistent immediate tax advantages over purchasing.

Onsite Oil Reclamation / Recycling

Our reclamation service helps reduce and some cases eliminate the costs of waste oil disposal. Whether it is a heat treating company recovering quench oil drag-out or a plastic injection molding company recovering lost oil; our onsite oil reclamation systems come to you providing enormous cost savings over disposing of used oil and it is the eco-friendly option as well.